Earth Markets @ Yard
Promoting a more healthy, plant-based and sustainable way of living
vegan, birmingham, plant-based, sustainable, healthy
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Book your stall!

Welcome to our new platform that is dedicated to supporting and promoting our Earth Markets – for those that would like to exhibit with us and also for anyone that would like to support our mission of providing a platform for new, small and local plant-based trade.

We would like for you to have an easier booking experience so that we can spend more time making our events as successful as possible.

Due to our limited members of staff and volunteers, we have created this 2 step process to assist you in booking your stall and to limit duplication see the category list of stalls along with their availibility

  • Kitchen Takeover – 1/0
  • Food and drink – 2/0
  • Arts and Craft – 2/0
  • Hair and Beauty – 2/0
  • Skincare products – 1/0
  • Jewellery – 2/0
  • Holistic Practice – 2/0
  • Service and Information – 2/0
  • Charity and Organisation – 1/0
  • Miscellaneous – 2/0

After you have completed the steps, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Step 1 – Complete our simple booking form

    Step 2 – Pay for your stall

    Click on the relevant stall type and payment method below to make payment.

    Stall Type

    Payment Method